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Your generous donation will support Marin Professionals in our ongoing mission to prepare professionals for today's job market.

Marin Professionals is a project of MarinLink.

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Are you 40+ years old with a college degree and at least 10 years experience in a professional, managerial, or high-tech career and looking for a new position ?
Marin Professionals may be for you ! 

"Marin Professionals was the primary reason I finally got a job after a long, hard search."

"Without Marin Pros I literally would not have this job. It was the skills I learned here in crafting résumés, cover letters, networking, researching and interviewing that helped me land this job. In fact, my hiring manager told me that I was a model of what a job seeker should be doing!"

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Effective January 2014 Marin Professionals left the Marin Employment Connection and moved to the Renaissance Center in downtown San Rafael

The nonprofit group, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center , has provided a home to
Marin Professionals, allowing it to continue as an independent job club.

Marin Professionals offers the following no-fee services for job-seeking professionals: 

  • Workshops on skills assessment, resume-writing, networking & interviewing  
  • Supportive network of professionals 
  • Motivational speakers 
  • Internet access  
  • Copier & Fax
  • Business publications
  • Library of job search reference materials

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This Web site is sponsored by Renaissance Center Marin.

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